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Many of the challenges IT teams currently face can be traced back to traditional, converged and even hyperconverged infrastructure. For all of its advantages, both imposes a rigid, hard to manage and slow-to-deploy architecture.
The complexity and inefficiency of siloed hardware, siloed clouds and siloed management of servers, storage and networking created need for a better way, and we call it Maestro.

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Worlds First Composable Operating System

HTBASE's Composable Operating System (COS) is world's first true composable infrastructure operating system that maximizes resource utilization by abstracting resources (Storage, Network and Compute) from local and cloud servers into a single pool of resources and reassembles it using different technologies based on requirements, such as virtual machines with different hypervisors, container, bare-metal, cloud and so more.


Compose Beyond Your Expectation

HTBASE's Composable Infrastructure removes the vendor lock-in, complexities and cost imposed by many technologies and vendors.


Run light and IO intensive workloads on bare-metal, virtualized, public, private or hybrid infrastructure.


Why choose technologies and cloud providers when you can run any workload on multiple clouds?


Built-in high availability that covers technology and application failure, on private and cloud infrastructure.

Be Simple

With HTBASE's CI solution teams are happier because they can focus on driving innovation and value for the business vs being bogged down with unnecessary complexity of supporting a dysfunctional infrastructure.

Driving a multi-cloud strategy

Only HTBASE's CI solutions can power a true multi-cloud strategy with seamless movement of workloads between private and public clouds. That means live migration between and among cloud environments- private or public; AWS, Azure or Google.

At HTBASE, we believe your workload should run wherever makes the most sense for your business- on public or private clouds. Or both. Which is why we designed our OneCloud technology do exactly that.

Running Maestro and OneCloud results in the faster delivery of applications; and fuels agility and operational and expenditure efficiencies, giving your business a competitive edge.




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How It Works

HTBASE's CI solution is made of different modules, each with its specific functionality on supporting your IT infrastructure transformation

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