Built for Any Application

With a performance and scalability architecture base in mind, HTBASE provides a scalable, cost effecient and high available platform.
HTBASE's platform is built with all the required functionalities to support your enterprise applications, such as:

Automated backups
High availability
Snapshots and clones
Application performance

Improve Operations

With a centralized infrastructure that provides storage, network and compute across multiple platforms, including technology and hardware, HTBASE's MAESTRO solution eliminates complexities and common issues with your IT infrastructure. By doing so, IT teams can reduce cost, increase agility and more.

Benefits also include:

  • Scalable growth
  • Technology consolidation

  • Cost reduction
  • Single pane of glass
Composable Infrastructure


HTBASE is supporting organizations on changing the way IT builds and delivers infrastructure for the Enterprise Applications. Supporting major tier-1 applications, HTBASE's CI platform is the base for many organizations.

Enterprise Applications

Composable Infrastructure

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