Technology Alliances

HTBASE Technology Alliance Partners are are developers, applicatios, hardware or infrastructure partners, who get access to industry-leading solutions, a developer toolkit to build new applications and resources to increase market reach and technology leadership. Benefits of the program include:



technical verification and validation



OCH Hypervisor and Composable Infrastructure API integrations



Joint sales training and enablement


A complete cloud platform

To join the partner program, complete an application and the appropriate legal agreement. Benefits and requirements vary by partner level. Program memberships are automatically renewed each year, unless partner does not meet program compliance for their level in the program. HTBASE reviews compliance once a year and will notify partners of their status.

By joining the program, a partner consents to receiving program information for the purposes of administering the program and other related information. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and a decision will be sent back as soon as possible.