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Multi-Cloud Control and Data Fabric


JUKE - Multi-Cloud Control and Data Fabric

Persistent storage, network and compute across clouds and edge for distributed applications

Manage multiple cloud environments as a single one, enabling cost optimization, failover, rapid scale and portability
Intelligent data distribution and locality based on application policies for performance and cost optimization
Integrate tools such as Kubernetes and OpenShift through JUKE's API to provide a single infrastructure across clouds with persistent resources
Distributing, scaling and moving workloads with persistent data and network across clouds is no longer a dream

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What makes JUKE different?

JUKE focuses on providing a multi-cloud control and data fabric, rather than just an orchestration tool, that can be plugged into different orchestration platforms, such as Kubernetes, creating a single cloud infrastructure
Different than orchestration tools, that forces you to configure and maintain external storage, networks, clouds and resources all isolated and without persistency, JUKE presents persistent storage and network across clouds as a single infrastructure

Enterprise Workload Mobility

Scale Independently
Add storage and compute independently from different cloud providers, all based on your application requirements, such as cost, region, performance or others
Persistent Storage
Scale storage with disks from multiple clouds, present them as a single pool across your infrastructure and tier data across clouds, so data is always close to the application, while helping your applications withstand cloud failures
Distributed Applications
With JUKE, Administrators can distribute and run applications across multiple clouds as a single environment, tier data between them and move applications around based on business requirements, while maintaining storage and networking persistency across clouds

JUKE Multi-Cloud Control and Data Fabric