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(Multi-Cloud) Agility Without Pulling a Hammy

A recent blog posted to the Wall Street Journal highlights the challenges that CIO’s face as their IT teams begin delivering on the vision of the multi-cloud.

Executives are compelled to adopt a multi-cloud methodology for delivering resources to the enterprise, but cloud vendors are not in the business of a) sharing or b) giving you what you actually need.

Chief among factors contributing to the rising costs of implementing a multi-cloud strategy is the overhead in integrating disparate, and quite frankly, competing platforms.

Described in another way: Imagine your commute to work. Now imagine that every street on your commute requires a toll and each has different traffic rules.

Fun. Right?

The capital, mental, and physical strain of driving to and from work would be unbearable.

Implementing a multi-cloud strategy can be just as intolerable. Like eating spicy food after 40.

Now, in reality, your commute is not as chaotic as the one described above. It is governed by standards which make your commute to work largely drama-free. (Unless your commute happens to be somewhere like Delhi, Hong Kong, or Manila…then yes. I’m afraid implementing multi-cloud is JUST like your commute…I’m very sorry.)

And unlike puppies, adopting a multi-cloud infrastructure platform should be just as drama-free.

Implementing a multi-cloud strategy that preserves agility while avoiding vendor lock-in requires a new way of approaching integration.

This is where HTBASE JUKE comes in.

HTBASE JUKE is a multi-cloud control and data fabric that abstracts cloud resources and pools them together, presenting them to an application orchestration platform (like Kubernetes) as a single datacenter.

Because the individual cloud resources are abstracted and connected to a standardized persistent network and data fabric, components or even cloud platforms, can be switched around under the covers without upsetting the tooling and workflows that have already been built above the stack.

Organizations can benefit from multi-cloud elasticity and are free to utilize the cloud platforms that best align with their goals without fear of lock-in.

This is how we envision the Multi-Cloud. Join us and see how #shifthappens @


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