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Since our inception, HTBASE started our focus on breaking barriers by creating something new and unique. We wanted to make infrastructure simple so users can focus on supporting their business at scale and scale quickly.

Multicloud is part of our genetics and joining a company such as Juniper Networks empowers our mission and makes us better and stronger.

HTBASE has created a normalization layer that allows mobility, flexibility and agility for a multicloud environment. Our platform solution, JUKE, pools compute, storage and networking that provides native and persistent layers to containers across clouds simplifying how operations manage their resources and allows Devs to develop and deploy applications on a single infrastructure.

As Juniper’s CTO, Bikash Koley, said in his blog post:

“HTBASE has built a technology that neatly complements our existing Contrail offerings. Whether it is bringing control of storage elements into the Contrail Enterprise Multicloud mix or expanding our support for edge compute through Contrail Edge Cloud, Juniper sees strong synergy between our existing market-leading multicloud solution and HTBASE’s offering.”

We would like to thank our clients and partners for being part of our story.

This might be our last blog post in this page, but it is not our last barrier to break! Look for great things to come as we embark on this incredible journey as part of Juniper Networks.

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