Industry's first

Multi-Cloud Control and Data Fabric


Run applications and services wherever and whenever you want

JUKE delivers an elastic persistent storage layer across multiple clouds and local infrastructure for distributed applications
Single network layer across all clouds, delivering detailed Layer 2 and 3 across clouds for your distributed applications
Scale compute nodes independently from storage, across clouds and from private environments


JUKE Features & Benefits

JUKE's open APIs allow developers to control and integrate JUKE's functionalities with existing or new applications in the infrastructure
Scale and mix storage with volumes from multiple clouds, tier data across and move persistent containers and volumes across clouds
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Move and distribute containers and workloads across clouds while presenting a single network layer that follows your applications as they move around
JUKE presents a single infrastructure across clouds, allowing orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, OpenShift and others to scale without isolation, with persistent resources

JUKE Integrations

The Data and Control Fabric For a Distributed World

JUKE integrates its compute, network and storage layers to the key container orchestrator platforms, allowing them to consume from a single infrastructure with persistent resources
With open APIs, Developers and Operators can control JUKE's functions directly from their code and automate even further the scale up or down of the infrastructure