JUKE - Machine Container

Faster than any hypervisor

"With JUKE's pre-built machine container, Administrators can move existing Linux VMs straight to containers, easily, without modifying the applications or processes"

JUKE Containers

Like a VM but faster


Applications can be installed in JUKE containers with no redevelopment needed to make it run because JUKE machine containers operate just like VMs.


Launch guest OS in seconds and run hundreds on a single server. Log in, manage the OS, install applications, and manage them with the same tools, but with the performance and density of containers.


JUKE supports both, bare-metal and virtual machines as hosts. As the machine containers are integrated with JUKE's multi-cloud control and data fabric, persistent storage and network across clouds are native functionalities to the containers


JUKE is enterprise ready as it comes with required features such as monitoring, snapshot, clone, DR, and more that are required by enterprises to run its critical applications

Supported Guest Operating Systems

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JUKE Containers

Enterprise ready platform



With native persistent storage, JUKE automates the process of attaching persistent volumes to the containers as well as volumes are moved across clouds as applications are distributed and / or moved around


With an overlay networking layer across clouds, operators can attach full layer 2 models to JUKE containers, giving it dedicated IPs, access to specific VLANs, attach multiple networks and more, allowing operators to deliver complex networking requirements


JUKE containers can be distributed and moved across clouds based on application requirements while networking and storage are moved along with the containers, maintaining data persistency and high-availability


With native scaling capabilities, JUKE automatically monitors the state of the available storage and compute across the infrastructure and, when required, JUKE automatically scales up or down the infrastructure to attend application requirements

JUKE in Action

Deploying JUKE containers

JUKE Multi-Cloud Control and Data Fabric

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